On the Sunday morning of Mackfest weekend, there's a class IV-V race down the Fish Hatchery section of the Crowe River.  Two years ago, Billy Harris won top honours and last year it was Brandon Fasan.  Alex Maggs from GKC was the first girl to ever compete in the event last year, placing 9th out of 11 and she'll be back to hunt the guys down! This year, we've added a great incentive to participate in the event : $500 to the winner!


Details :

Organizer of the race : Cale Reeder ( kwp@bell.net )

When : On the Sunday of Mackfest

Where : Fish Hatchery section of Crowe River

Directions : The section of river is located North of Hwy #7. Take County Rd. 48 North out of Havelock. Before the road takes you to the town of Cordova make a left on Preston Road, followed by a quick right onto Fire Route 18. Drive along this road until the cottages stop on the left. Keep an eye for an opening in the trees and a park area. You should be able to see a falls off to your left. This is the take out. The put in is about a 5 min drive north. Park in the boat launch parking lot.

Top Section :