Calaghan Wave

When at the campsite you will see a 3 ft river wide ledge that depending on water levels will either tempt you or have you put in down stream. From here you want to get to the middle of the river. There is a horizon line that comes up pretty fast you want to make sure you a river center in the main flow. As you drop over the horizon line stay center through the first set of waves, this can be quite shallow before the wave. Past the wave, paddle river right to the eddy behind the island. This is the eddy that you will access the wave from. There are several other play features on this rapid with a very forgiving hole just meters down steam. There are no real hazards to a swim here, other then the cold. This play spot is a fast steep wave and seems to keep it's form at lower water, when Crowe Bridges waves are getting smaller. The take out is on river right and there is a small path along the river that will lead you back to the campsite.




Class II to III


There are several ways to get to this location depending on where you are coming from. The one from Hwy#7, East of Marmora, is to take Tiffen Road South to Callaghan Rapids Road. Make a left and drive until you can’t drive anymore. This is where it gets sketchy. Some people can drive further than others. We do not condone this behavior. Take the trail that heads south (to the right) along the river down to the campsite (yes there is enough room to turn a car around).

Map it!