Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Put-In Photo by Bobbie and Yuro

Beaver Creek is a spring time classic with Southern Ontario paddlers. Only high enough to run in the spring after ice-out. You can enjoy this run from April until about mid-May depending on spring rain fall. Beaver Creek is a typical Highway#7 run with a mix of Class 3 canyon runs, some more difficult drops with flat water and easier rapids separating them. The 4 larger rapids on the river are Double Drop, Diamond, Ugly and Bridge Drop.


Low: 9.45 (MNR Online Gauge)
High: 10.1 (Low bridges may become a problem at these levels)
Max: None


8 KM; Approximately 4 hours of paddling, including some scouting.


Intermediate to Advanced; Class III/IV. Novice paddlers with a solid roll can challenge this run.


From Marmora, go north 1.1 KM to Centre Line Rd. Turn Right. Travel 8.7 KM to Shanick Rd (dirt road), veer left. Travel 3.7 KM to put-in underneath hydro lines. River is a short walk down the hill.

The Rapids

Double Drop:

Double Drop Picture by Larry Wong

Double Drop is encountered just shortly after putting on, and is considered to be one of the more difficult rapids on the Beaver. As the name suggests it has 2 drops. The first drop is about 4 feet and the second about 8 feet. They are linked together by some fast water, so it’s nice to be right side up here. Scouting and portaging is available through a track on river left. After making Double Drop, don’t forget to do a short portage across the narrow neck of land, located on the other side of the bay. This saves a 30 minute flat water paddle.


Diamond Photo by Bobbie & Yuro

Diamond is a name used by some local paddlers, but not known by all. After paddling some longer canyon style rapids which are easily boat scouted, Diamond creeps up on you when the river turns 90° to the left. A river wide cascade, Diamond has a couple of different lines, depending on water levels. The meat of the rapid is followed by a bit of a rock garden. There is a good track for scouting on river right.

Bridge Drop:

Bridge Drop Photo By Larry Wong

This rapid takes you under a small cottage road. The Bridge is low, so watch the water levels here. You can take-out at the Bridge to scout. There is a cottage on river right, and the land is private, so be respectful when scouting. The rapid is a one line drop with a small pool, then a smaller rapid immediately after. If you don’t like the look of this, you can walk up the road a little on your left. There is a fun chute to run here as well. Watch the Bridge on this chute, it is even lower.


After a narrow start, Ugly opens up into a river wide rapid. Depending on the levels, you could run 3 lines here. A river left shoreline sneak, a center rock slide style line, or river right which deals with the meat and a couple of holes. You know you are coming up on Ugly when you see a cottage gazebo on river left. You can take out and scout from either side of the river here.

Fiddlar Rapids:

If you wish to make a longer day, by-pass the traditional take-out and paddle down to Fiddlar Rapid. Fiddlar Rapid is a long, Class III Rapid, which is great fun. You will need to use the take-out point below Fiddlar’s to do this.