Crowe River Fish Hatchery

The Crowe River Fish Hatchery section is a short paddle but the 6 rapids make it a very intriguing section of river. This is the type of river you run in the morning twice before heading down the road to Crowe Bridge. It starts at Cordova Lake.





Intermediate to Advanced; Class III to V.


The section of river is located North of Hwy #7. Take County Rd. 48 North out of Havelock. Before the road takes you to the town of Cordova make a left on Preston Road, followed by a quick right onto Fire Route 18. Drive along this road until the cottages stop on the left. Keep an eye for an opening in the trees and a park area. You should be able to see a falls off to your left. This is the take out. The put in is about a 5 min drive north. Park in the boat launch parking lot.

The Rapids

The Dam Section - Part 1:

The first drop is a class V dam drop. It looks very intimidating with no real line and several nasty looking holes. Safety should be a must.

The Dam Section - Part 2:

The next section is within meters of the first and is as equally challenging. It is good to get a look at these two rapids before gearing up as scouting can take a while.

Remaining Rapids:

The next rapid 3 rapids are class III’s with some fun waves and holes in them. The 2nd to last rapid the river splits, I have always taken river left but have heard if others taken river right, just be aware. The final rapid also splits. River left is more of a rapid where as river right is a falls. You can scout on any side of the river at this rapid. The falls can be quite technical depending on water flows and depth is unknown.

Take Out:

The Take out is to the right after the falls. Jump in the car and make another quick run of it before heading off. This section of river has been paddled when other rivers in the area were at minimal flows and is still a challenging set of whitewater.